In 1983, some important things happened in little old New Zealand. Princess Diana, already on her way to becoming a pop-culture megastar, visited with Prince Charles and baby Prince William, who obligingly played with a Buzzy Bee in front of the world’s media. DD Smash was the Band of the Year, and songbirds Brooke Fraser and Hollie Smith were born.

Also making its way into the world was Kiwi retail icon the Paper Plus Group (initially named Nationwide Stationers), which began as a cooperative of just five book and stationery retailers. By the following year, it had 62 members. The level of growth and brand exposure was so high that by 1987 a rebrand had already become necessary and the Paper Plus brand was launched into the national retail scene.

It wasn’t the only thing going on in that watershed year: along with the stockmarket crash, 1987 heralded the first Lotto draw, the first New Zealand heart transplant, the first feature film by an unknown director called Peter Jackson, and the adoption of Maori as an official language.

In 1997 the brand was refreshed and updated to give it more consumer appeal and a more modern look resulting in a new Paper Plus brand logo launched to the market.  Fly Buys, a brand new loyalty program also launched in the New Zealand market in 1997 and Paper Plus was one of the founding retailers to join the program. Fly Buys has now grown to be one of the most successful loyalty programs worldwide and Paper Plus has remained the only book and stationery store offering it.

The Take Note brand emerged in 2000 from the Group’s purchase of the Topline and Paperworld brands, concentrating on cards and stationery as a counterpoint to what has become the increased books focus of the flagship Paper Plus brand.

On the 21st July 2008 Paper Plus Group celebrated an inspirational 25 years in business with a gala week of celebrations in Wellington. As a 100 percent New Zealand-owned company, Paper Plus Group has a strong presence around the country, where they have inspired many local communities. The Group is proud of the legacy it has achieved so far, and how it has helped inspire New Zealanders to achieve great things.