Reach over 1,650,000 shoppers* each month

*Source: Nielsen Media Research Readership Survey Jan-Dec 2002

No other advertising medium comes within “earshot”
when it comes to getting your message to the customer

“Do you want to influence your customers’ purchasing behaviour while they are in store? You spend a significant amount enticing people across the threshold but research shows that over 80% of purchasing decisions are actually made once the customer is in the store. By creating the right environment you encourage your customers to linger, which turns browsers into buyers. Retail Radio delivers the killer blow by talking directly to your customers at the point of decision. Your sales will increase from add-on and impulse purchases.”

Quote: Retail Radio – A Smart Pay Company listed on NZX:SPY and managers of Retail Radio for:

Research shows that over 80% of final purchase decisions are made when a shopper is in-store

  • Brand switching
  • Trialing new products
  • Taking up promotional offers
Reach over 1,650,000 shoppers* each month *Source: Nielsen Media Research Readership Survey Jan-Dec 2002

The shelf does talk

Campaign results

Since taking up Retail Radio in conjunction with the Paper Plus Group the level of service and professionalism shown towards us has been excellent.

I have personally heard the ads in store and feel that they are of a consistently high standard and always broadcast at the contracted, agreed intervals.

We feel that the awareness of our products in the stores that have installed Retail Radio would be far greater than those stores which do not have this facility at present.

We will continue with this service further strengthening this as an effective advertising / promotional medium, and supporting any National advertising / marketing initiatives undertaken by the Group.

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